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It was about feeding a desire. Sure, much of that was masochistic play but not all of it. So, for example, say you are a married couple.

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Perhaps you always have your submission in your brain and that you think of what your Dom would say or do before everything. It's not kneeling at your Dominant's feet just waiting to serve and disregarding everything else. It's learned quite simply by going about your life, but always having your partner in mind first. And since your partner is your Dominant, make sure you are always following the rules they laid out, that you take their thoughts in mind and that you embrace being submissive through all things.

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It's been described as being a mother - but I can't relate. You are always a mother even if you are at work, or driving to a party, right?

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But if you don't have your child with you, how can anyone know? Well, they probably don't unless you tell them, but that doesn't mean you don't think of them or do things in their best interest. I'm married, but as a wife, no one just casually meeting me knows I'm married unless I share that information.

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But everything I do and say or not say is in keeping with my marriage vows and honoring my husband. No one is the wiser for this or would consider my actions odd. So how do you learn? You learn by doing. By taking on the mantle of submissive or slave and using that to guide your hands and words and deeds. It's not something you can do perfectly from the onset.

Just as no new mother knows how to mother as soon as the child is birthed. She learns as she goes. No wife knows how to be the best wife without practice and communication. You have to practice and learn from mistakes. Anything new feels complicated. If 24/7 submissive are a creature of habit, which most of us are, changing your routine or behavior takes time and feels foreign at first. But in time you adapt and change and perhaps even feel that this is where you were supposed to be all along. And if it isn't, well, then you at least have learned to respect it for what it is.

You practice, adapt and learn what works for you and discard the things that don't. Every month I'll update you on the latest from Submissive Guide 24/7 submissive you'll get first access to new resources, offers and events.

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It's not constant nudity and bondage and play. It's not about sex. No, really. So how is it learned? Why does it feel so complicated?

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Is it something you have or long for? Negative comments?

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24/7 submissive

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On Being a 24/7 Submissive with a Polyamorous Dominant