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Posted about 16 years ago edited about 16 years ago. Register. Net » forum » Opinions regarding bestiality. The definition of bestiality I am using in this topic is as follows: Quote: 3 : sexual relations between a human being and a lower animal. Posted about 16 years bestiality forum Quote Permalink. Yukio's Dice. Ick factor's a big one. I myself consider 'trained' animals [male or female] who otherwise engage in se. I see that as consensual.

Otherwise, your ra. A good point about distinction - I ask whether love between an animal and human is possible. Neat topic! It's easier for me, as I have a censoring program on my computer which seems to censor my posts. Don't want any big blank spaces in the middle of things. And secondly, for others at work or otherwise who may have the same thing going on, out of courtesy. If I am unintentionally bypass the forum censor, I'll take them out.

Posted about 16 years ago edited about 16 years ago Quote Permalink. Why are you sticking periods in the middle of words, Yukio? French M3 Guy. It's illegal because it's bestiality forum. If animals were able to think as much as we do and communicate their thoughts and give their consent, then it wouldn't be rape anymore, then I wouldn't see why it would stay illegal.

Besides the whole "it's wrong to bestiality forum sex with another specie" thing. Can there be any other reason for this except selfish indulgence? Its a prime example of humans doing anything to satisfy their own desires. There are only three reasons for sex: intimacy, pleasure, and reproduction.

Reproduction is the easiest one to eliminate here. Intimacy is the next to go, unless someone is going to claim that they love an animal and that having sex with it furthers their intimate relationship with the animal in the same way that sex between humans does. Sex with an animal can only be for the pleasure of the human. You can't say that an animal could 'enjoy' it, because how can you know something like that? And even if you insist that an animal enjoys it, that doesn't make it true. We both enjoyed it.

But it could have killed her had my mom not found outand poor Sandy would have been dead because I was foolish enough to think that something is OK simply because both parties seem to enjoy it. It's self indulgence. There's no way, in my mind, that it can be justified as anything else, and thats why I think it's wrong.

And not because of any 'religious' beliefs I have I try not to have religious beliefs ; every day of my life I see examples of self-indulgence causing destruction. Serving myself or catering to my desires, in the absence of love or the desire to do something good for someone else, has never failed to mess up stuff in my life. Sometimes the damage takes a while to reveal itself. Well said. That sums ups everything so much better than the "eww" that I was going to contribute.

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Another reason is that we wouldn't want half-dog kids would we? That could happen you know. I think. I think not. Wow look like nobody got the joke :s. It's a bad joke. So it's self-indulgence. Since when is that illegal? Massage salons aren't illegal. Neither is masturbation.

Why discriminate against one form of self-indulgence just because it's nastier? And even though I don't believe that non-human animals should have any rights, people who say that you can't tell that an animal is enjoying itself are wrong. Everyone knows that when a dog wags its tail, it's happy. I'm sure there are other ways besides language, and some are capable bestiality forum that dolphins and apes, to be exact.

So why should it be illegal? As with many things its illegal because the bible says so. Why are you talking like I've passed a law or something? I wasn't even addressing the legality of the issue. I explained why I think its wrong.

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Reid: It sounded to me like you supported its illegality. Excuse me for the misunderstanding.

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Matt: Dolphins and apes can learn language, and thus can give consent. So that doesn't apply to all cases. I think some STDs originated with human on animal sexual activities Which means what? Don't have sex with animals because it could cause us to get new forms of STDs? EBisumaru wrote on Sun, 15 May Matt: Dolphins and apes can learn language, and thus can give consent. EDIT: Silly me. You'd be surprised. Did you know that the force of a dolphin's ejaculation can blow a man's head off? Yukio's Dice wrote on Mon, 16 May Bestiality forum one thing concerning the Bible: don't forget, Leviticus says one shouldn't wear clothing with more than to types of cloth used in it.

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And we should throw the lepers away. Mouse wrote on Mon, 16 May Did you know that the force of a dolphin's ejaculation can blow a man's head off? From zoophile. Unless you are the masochistic type you will have a hard time explaining your predicament to the doctors in the emergency ward Yikes, though. Let's move on to a different topic, you weirdos.

Agreed, heh. And Meeellla is right, Tokage, I was referring to the dolphin weirdness. Well I guess I deserved that for being so cynical. Anyway my reasoning behind that statement was that for those other exapmles you mentioned the Bible says "don't" while for bestiality it says that anyone who does it shall be "put to death". Yes I know its wrong because it's animal cruelty, I just sort of assumed that the Bible was one of the reasons for it's illegality since America began as a mostly christian bestiality forum, many of its original laws came from the Bible.

Just like to check it out. Yukio's Dice: Leviticus I think we've thoroughly covered how bestiality is taking advantage of animals who may or may not want it but have no power to convey that. And if you didn't and started this thread randomly, the more power to you! Ever notice how some people look like animals? I think some of those people are soooo cute! I saw a girl who looked like a rabbit the other day. I guess humans just like to apply familiar bestiality forum to situations in order to classify people. But did she have fur and stuff?

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If she had fur and a little tail I think you might be a little freaked out.

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