Dental fetish stories

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In the bar, elbows flat on the wood, the dentist held himself up with another drink. He sipped the shot of Sambuca, and wondered about the three girls sitting next to him. Not the arrogant one closest to him, but the plump one in the middle. He watched her face in the reflection dental fetish stories the beer tap, almost hoping that she would look into the brass plate and see I had been a mid-level executive in the local office of a national firm. My pay had always been good, enabling my wife to stay home and live a more or less "country club" existence.

This all came crashing to an end several months ago however whe Here I am, Finally sitting in the waiting room of the dentist. It's taken me two years of putting up with many a toothache, with the help of very strong painkillers. I don't really want to be here, but I know that I would have to get these teeth seen to sooner or later, so I may as well get it over with. I am sitting here gradually feeling more and more unco I'm a guy in my late thirties. I have trained my muscles some but I'm not muscular, more like sinewy. I like to keep myself healthy also in other ways.

So when I had read many articles about amalgams in the mouth and things that they may cause I decided to find a dentist that would replace them with other fillings. I searched the web and ed a few denti Lucinda Dupoint possessed both pride and scruples. She also however possessed the ability to swallow the former and disregard the latter whenever it suited her.

When asked, she always said that she adored her husband. She adored him for providing the holidays, dental fetish stories champagne breakfasts, the black cabthe dainty food served at the poshest restaurant Angela had toothache. It had kept her awake all night having started a couple of days earlier. Her maid had advised her to use oil of cloves, but it was not doing any good. Even worse her husband of six weeks, William, was angry because she would not have sex with him. William was twenty years older than Angela and they were on honeymoon touring Europe. It had been about 7 years since Rachel was last at the dentist.

She had had a particularly horrible experience and the thought of going back terrified her.

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She had had some severe pain in her mouth for about a week or so and a friend urged her to make an appointment. She had moved to a new city since her last dental experience so had to choose a new I walk through the lobby area to the exam room. The music on the office speakers is a little louder than usual I walk around the corner and enter the exam room. I swear I just saw the Dentist take his hand off the assistant's ass as I walk in.

John Oliver dental fetish stories down in the dentist's waiting room and picked up a magazine. He hated going to the dentist but his wife had been on at him about it for weeks and he finally gave in. He hated his wife more than anything in the whole world. One of those women who never once complained about giving the occasional This is the first of 3 parts.

I wrote these stories years ago. These stories have twists from the normal BDSM that you have read in the past. Please leave comments below and I will have the other parts submitted soon. After all a beautiful smile makes the world go round SmutMD Log in.

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Log in Remember Me. SmutMD up. There is a lot more to SmutMD than you think! Dentist Stories 2.

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Dental fetish stories

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