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Yep, good warning. A ton of people, including me, were scammed and had OC taken. I didn't realize what was going on until it was too late, but read user-ib. They've all finally been exposed, no matter what they say. Read user-ib Valhalla thread in PA.

They've been exposed. I'm not doing a back and forth with their sells people on here. It's pretty well known how they operate, so post OC at your own risk if you choose to. I dont understand how its a scam. You post 2 oc to get in and have access to oc from everywhere in the state basically. You have them post Discord pa nudes to get access to recycled nudes, and then if they don't post more OC within your time frame, they get booted, but their original OC stays and gets passed off as the servers.

The mods very rarely post any actual OC. They even admitted in a thread and they don't post OC, but do post "rare" stuff, meaning stuff they scammed through trades, or hoarded from here or tumblr, or archived sites.

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Again, plenty of people have come forward and talked about being scammed by this. They only kick you if you're inactive for over a month. Inactive meaning no of life whatsoever.

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I've been a part of Valhalla since the first one was up and I've never been kicked. If you do get kicked by accident they let you back in no questions asked. I shared OC a few months ago, got booted, got into Valhalla again, and found the OC I originally posted posted by a mod. When I brought it up, all my comments were deleted and I was banned.

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The people on here acting like it's not a scam are most likely there mods, who go out onto all these sites and try to recruit people with OC. These are the kind of responses you get. They just call you salty, and then act like this stuff doesn't happen.

Again, anyone considering ing, read user-ib first. There's apparently a couple here that were scammed in this thread and several others on the discord pa nudes thread. I don't click. Ah yeah this is bull shit and I agree with the other user. This is all a scam. They didn't let me back in but I guarantee my OC is still on there. Probably under an admin name acting like they contribute. Because they try to use recycled nudes and pass them off as OC to steal people's actual OC. They don't actually have real OC themselves. Lolz, Wolfpack ran PA sluts, I was just a contributor.

I take it that you scam him as well though, and that's why you'd bring him up? I think if that's true, that's hilarious, actually. So no, I'm not wolfpack. Just on of the many others that were scammed. One of many that posted OC on Sup Forums, and then seen it on discord under a mods name. And again, is anyone going to post? I have nothing besides I do save posts I like to share later in these thre. Lost the saved stuff recently, so looking to rebuild my collection. The only other dudes I can think of that would hate us this much are wolfpack's old moderators Not even by posting pics.

I was a contributor, watching others get kicked, and then I myself got kicked. Wolfpack messaged me for my OC for verification, then posted them under his name, but at least discord pa nudes gave me contributor status. I watched as you guys "Passed judgement" whatever you want to call it. Are you denying there was purge when it switched over? Why would anyone care if you're friends with friends with the catnhat mods? They are literally the very biggest scammers on discord. Cat was the biggest scammer of all time. Sup Forums. Pennsylvania thread Posts Miscellaneous Archive Home.

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May 18, - Anyspecifically the North Hills area. I have this Jackie B Bellevue nipslip. North Hills class of ' Yeah, people tend to be a little salty when they get scammed. Is there any in the discord? Only have access to the FAQ. From reading on user-ib they randomly kick people who have shared things. Discord in general has killed these thre and user-ib. Id love to see some l town hoes post for a phone call in We have never and will never require you to post images to stay on the server. Get straight your facts, Jack. Discord pa nudes not post on the bored u are u being gay trying to make me work for nudes come on.

Well, then we can at least find common ground in thinking that's hilarious. But is it damn true? Stand by what I said here Discord has killed these thre. Sup Forums has been dead for years. Are you fucking kidding me?

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this server and message bored for free access, you have 10 minutes. Thre going to die with like 10 pictures Answer this thread Start new thread. Last thre New Social Fap Thread. Qu in thread: I push the lever, cut off my dick. This my cat Mousey say something nice. What loli part is best loli part?

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Discord pa nudes

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