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Cory has a condition that causes excessive cum story to produce extremely abnormal amounts of semen. Hyper Cum Author: Delinqual. Added: May 2, wordsviews 4. Vote on this story Suggest Tags Contact webmaster about this story Report a problem with this story Symbols Permalink. Note: Please do not downvote only because you not a fan of the genres in this story. Looking for stories. Got one you want to share? Send it in. Commissions are open. Want a BRK story?

Find out more. Authors retain copyright to any stories posted on Metabods. Dark mode. Hyper Cum. Author: Delinqual. Added: 15 May Cory has a condition that causes him to produce extremely abnormal amounts of semen. Everyone has problems, but I bet mine can top yours. I run on the weekends and hit the weights maybe twice a week. I eat right and get plenty of sleep.

I even drink the recommended daily amount of water.

Is your junk ginormous or something? My penis is big, but normal. My testicles, however, are a completely different story. Now we get to my problem. Did you read up? Okay, good. Yes, I have hyperspermia, excessive cum story I ejaculate an abnormally large amount of semen. What a travesty! After a few solid minutes of shouting, my parents wrangled me to the hospital, where the doctors excessive cum story nurses deduced that my body was over-producing ejaculate fluid and sperm, at an even higher rate than any medical journals had recorded before.

They said that I was experiencing pressure pains from inside my testicles because of overcrowding of sperm. I was then told to ejaculate. I was clinically ordered to jack off in the office. It took me close to an hour of attempting and reattempting to get enough stimulation to force me to ejaculate. But when I did, the doctors were there with clipboards, watching. The cum started as a dribble for a second or two, then my PC muscle started contracting, forcing the fluid out at a faster rate. One shot. Two shots. Three shots, each one reaching further and further.

One of the doctors had to step to the side by the fifth shot. The doctors were scribbling furiously while I bit my tongue to stop from screaming in a strange mixture of pain and pleasure. Twenty-five shots. My penis ached, but the pain in my testicles was quickly subsiding. Thirty shots. Thirty-two shots. My sperm was flying across the room, splattering against a cabinet on the far wall, nearly ten feet away. Thirty-six shots, and finally my range started dropping.

By Forty-seven shots, my cum was at a dribble again, and it leaked like pre-cum for another ten seconds or so before finally I collapsed backward, completely spent. I felt no pain in my nether regions, and an immense sense of satisfaction quickly found its place all throughout my body. The doctors swooped down on me after that and bombarded me with medical questions. I was embarrassed and irritated, but I answered their questions as well as I could. Fast forward to the next morning. I was playing a PvP game on the computer when I noticed it.

Around the 55 minute mark, I winced, as the same pain started stabbing at my crotch. I thought about holding off until I finished the game, but I recalled how painful it was to keep an erection and try to jack off while such ridiculous pain was shooting through my balls. Needless to say, I left that game high and dry, so close to the end.

I think my teammates lost. With my balls only sort of hurting, it was a lot easier to get it up and keep it up, especially in the comfort of my own bathroom. I felt it building up inside me and I aimed it at the toilet. One shot lanced through the air and splattered straight into the bowl. Two, three, four—seven, eight—twelve—eighteen'twenty-four—thirty—forty—forty-five?

At fifty-three, my penis ached something terrible as it dribbled into the somewhat flooded toilet. I had to flush three times to get it to dilute enough to go down the drain. The next day, it happened again. And again, the day after. And thus started my daily ritual of jacking off, not because I felt like it, not because it felt good, but because my body required me to.

Fast forward to my sophomore year of college, only about two months ago. I often had to flush toilets mid-ejaculation, and was left with no choice but to use a condom or risk getting jizz excessive cum story everywhere. He was a fitness nut—muscular and defined. I warned him about my condition the first time we talked about fucking. Man, was he surprised that night. He asked me to show him, so I jacked off for him in his bathroom, pointed at his toilet as usual. Seven streams of cum later, he stood there, speechless. When I told him that it was only about half of what I normally cum, he nearly fainted.

Good thing Ty proved to be a cum lover. He had me cum in everything—wine glasses, condoms, buckets, measuring cups one night I topped a half-gallon—that really got him going!

He loved it. And I have to admit, I loved being admired for it. Dinner was great—candle-lit, with wine and everything—and we watched a romantic comedy together, cuddling on the couch. Two minutes before the credits started rolling, I felt the familiar tingle of my balls start to peek through my wine-induced stupor. Concerned, I stood up and wobbled my way to the bathroom, Ty on my heels.

The tingling had already spread pretty far around my crotch, and it was getting really strong really fast—it was making me lightheaded. Ty helped me undress and started licking my nipples to help me get hard—one benefit of having someone who knows and can help me get off. Once I was completely up, Ty slid my cockhead into his mouth and Hoovered it up to my oversized balls.

He really did know how to suck a cock, flexing his throat around my glans like a professional. He was now at a full hand job, and it was throwing me into a tizzy. I felt my balls retract as well as they could, and I could actually feel the liquid pumping up my shaft. There was no dribble; there was only a stream. The cum shot out of my cock like a track runner at the gun. It shot as straight as it could and splattered against the excessive cum story wall of the bathtub, where the stream held firm for a good five seconds before ebbing. Pleasure wracked my body. The second stream shot out even harder, blasting up the wall and coating it almost completely.

The third, fourth, and fifth were each more intense than the last, until the sixth stream shot up above the bathtub rim, plastering against the wall.

Seven, eight, nine, ten. By the eleventh stream, paint was actually peeling off the wall from the sheer force of cum I was producing. I accidentally hit the shower rod and even the ricocheted cum that hit me in the face stung. Nineteen streams of cum, each a small firehose of liquid, each lasting anywhere from three to seven seconds. Twenty-two streams. Total time elapsed: roughly 3 minutes of nonstop cum. The bathtub was filled with around two gallons of semen, and it was dripping thickly from every surface I could see.

My vision blurred as I stood there, trying to take in what had just happened. Current standing: 4.

Excessive cum story

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