Feeders fetish

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FAT fetishism is a sexual attraction to people who are overweight or obese — however a feeder gets pleasure from the process of fattening someone up.

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Fat fetishism is a type of physical attraction, usually sexual, towards someone who is overweight or obese, both in weight and size. The relationships of people into fat fetishism are often portrayed as a thin man and a larger woman — but there are many cases of it being the other way around.

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One of these is known as feederism - or gaining - when the sexual gratification is obtained not from the fat itself per se, but from the process of helping someone gain weight. These are people who are into more than just the end result: They want to help others arrive there.

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Feeder relationships fall under the fat fetishism category but are unique in one specific regard. Feeders are obviously interested in seeing their partner gain weight and balloon into the size they want.

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However, being a feeder is also about obtaining a sense of power and dominance through the act of feeding. in. All Football.

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Fabulous Real Life Sofia Petkar. We take a closer look at this unhealthy relationship and what it involves.

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After A Year Together, My Boyfriend Revealed He Has A Feeding Fetish