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Why do men send dick pics? Some research and popular commentary suggests it is for reasons of narcissism and over-confidence. Dick pics can be sexual harassment, but not always. Credit: Stocksy. However, research by myself and Tinonee Pym has uncovered a more complicated picture. We found that while they were often understood as a form of sexual violence, they were also often regarded as funny or mocked for being gross. Some women actually liked receiving dick pics; others treated them playfully, situating them in a queer context. Men were also using dick pics to bond with each other.

In popular commentary, the dick pic is mostly seen as sexual harassment often, rightly so ; an attempt to make women feel threatened in online spaces. Women have pushed back by engaging in public shaming practicesand calling for dick pics to be prosecuted under the law.

In Victoria it is now illegal to engage in malicious sexting practices. Some see these photos as an expected element of online sociality. Some people regard the dick pic, and male genitalia more broadly, as being gross. Observations that male penises especially uncircumcised ones are unattractive and that no one actually desires the phallus, were common online. Yet recent research has full body dick pic that women are increasingly aroused by gay male pornography, which often features the penis in erotic ways. Women have also written about enjoying receiving dick pics, and being shamed for this.

She notes that some men who approach her for a critique are in need of reassurance regarding the look of their genitalia. Indeed research has found that some men who view mainstream pornography — which often features a particular penis aesthetic large, circumcised, thick — have reported increased concern about their penis size. It can be difficult for men to discuss anxieties relating to their body image and genitalia. For some men, dick pics may be an expression of these anxieties. This challenges the idea that only cisgender, heterosexual men can send dick pics.

She offers a space in which these photos can been seen as beautiful, artistic, and erotic, rather than inherently violent and aggressive. Mind you, others point out that unsolicited dick pics are a no in these circles too.

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Framing the dick pic as only violent and grotesque forgets other ways in which it might be sent and received, as well as ignoring how it might be understood in non-heterosexual subcultures. Andrea Waling is a research fellow at La Trobe University.

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This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons. Read the original article. Our relationship with dick pics: it's complicated. Please try again later. The Sydney Morning Herald. By Andrea Waling October 19, — 1. Save Log inregister or subscribe to save articles for later. Normal text size Larger text size Very large text size. National sexual assault hotline Lifeline 13 11 this article.

Full body dick pic

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