Kik pictures wont load

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Kik is a popular app where you can chat with friends, send gifs, emojis, memes, create public and private groups, meet new people, send pictures and videos, and more. It is more than just a social media app where you can spend your time all day talking with new people from all around the world without getting bored. However, some of the users reported that they are having trouble loading or failed to properly load received images and videos. So, why photos and videos are not loading or working on Kik?

Your Kik pictures or videos actually failed to load or disappear because you have a slow internet connection or a person has sent you an unsupported image and video or Kik stores too many caches or you are using an outdated version of Kik. Saying that I have listed some of the troubleshooting solutions to fix Kik failed to load images or videos issue in this article.

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So, go through them and solve your Kik problem as soon as possible. You can send and receive any pictures and videos on Kik. There is no limitation or restriction on the photos you send to people. There are several methods that you can try if images are not available or you can load and save photos or videos from Kik. Some of them can be fixed within the Kik app itself and others can from your device. If you are connected to poor internet then it might be the first reason that why pictures and videos are not loading properly in Kik.

A good internet connection is important to load or run any internet-related apps. So, check your Wi-Fi network whether you are getting full al and strength on your device or not. To do so, simply unplug your router main cable for 20 seconds and re-plug it back in. If you are not in your home but more than in a public place or restaurants where there is a slow internet connection then you can switch to your device data.

Public places Wi-Fi has a public network where anyone can kik pictures wont load with them. So the mass majority of people will be connecting to the same internet; in traffic in congestion and slow internet. When you are using mobile data then do restrict or disable other background apps. So, only allow the Kik app in your data usages.

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If photos and videos are not loading or stuck in Kik then you can simply reload the message. When you refresh the chat message then it will catch up with the Kik serve again and may help to load the pictures. You can just exit from the chat message and open the chat again. After that wait and let the received image or video load properly. Sometimes Kik pictures wont load failed to load full images or videos because of a minor error in the app.

When you first run the app on your device and if it fails to connect with the Kik server properly then you will face problems with some of its features. You can also receive your messages late than expected including your media content. So, restart the Kik. For that, simply close the Kik app on your device completely and open it again.

The cache is the best software component that stores the copy of your every data including credentials to load it faster when responding. In the case of the Kik app, it stores the duplicate data of your entire Kik information so that you can access the features faster and smoothly. However, if it stores too many data files than the limit then it will bring out trouble in the app.

Note: When you clear the cache then it will remove out all the saved data from your Kik. After you clear out the cache of the Kik app then restart the Kik and ask your friend to re-send the picture or video. So they will have to delete their Kik app and download it from the app store. If you are ok with this then move to the steps down below. Otherwise, you can follow other available methods down below and choose one for the last option. So, maybe the Kik server is down when the time you are opening the picture or video you receive from your friend.

So, check the report regarding the Kik server. If the Kik app is not the reason behind there is an error loading photos and videos then it might from your device.

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Maybe there is some internal issue or bug in your device that prevents the Kik from loading received media content or messages. Kik supports all the media files in the app. There should not be any issues with the video or photos you receive in the chat.

But, sometimes there can be an issue with its media content. So, you can ask your friends to send you the photo or video again. But make sure the content is not crashed or malfunctioned. If your image still not available on Kik or Kik cannot load the pictures then you can still try out other solutions.

Things can go even worse when you are using the latest version of the Kik app. There can be a restriction on Kik to access its features country-wise. You can use any VPN on your device which you can find in the app store. But if you are looking for the best one then go with NordVPN. You can also delete the Kik app from your device then re-install it from the app store to load photos and videos properly. But remember your Kik credentials to access your after reinstalling on your device.

Go to the Kik help center and state your problem. You can also send them a mail regarding your pictures and videos not working on Kik at kiksupport medialab. So, first of all, fix these issues and try to load your profile picture. Yes, you can easily get scammed by someone or new people on Kik. They can use the fake profile or to lure you out of some money or catfishing. Media content is the best thing that engages us in any social media including Kik. You can share your personal moment pictures and video with your friends and family members as well as view theirs on Kik.

So, if photos and kik pictures wont load are not loading on Kik then you know what to do right?

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Not all people are loyal which find on Kik. Some of them can misuse your videos or pictures for a criminal case or blackmail you. So, think wisely before you act. If you have any suggestions or queries then hit them in the comment section. Also, visit Fixing Guides for more Kik-related articles. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Kik Guide Social Media. June 3, June 25, Admin. Why Kik Not Working?

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Kik pictures wont load

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