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Welcome to the fascinating world of Artemis!! I'm glad you decide to take a look at my humble post! This role-play group will be for t. A dirty or clean roleplay on kik. You can decide roles. Kik: carolthellama. A bit shy at first but it'll be fun.

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If you clicked on this link then you are either a female or wish to rp as a female. If you fit into category two, dont let me find out.

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Send me a message on kik, same as user. To cut this straight since many do this already.

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I'm looking for practically everyone. I dont mind who your face-claim is. Literate - Semi literate, both are fine since it's. Hello there, and thanks for anybody who read this. I am looking for a roleplay partner on kik, preferably female. I like to write in third person, past tense. I don't use slang o. Looking for a long term non ual kikroleplay. I'm 25, eastern time Zone and write any gender or uality.

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email: [email protected] - phone:(859) 683-1634 x 4039

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