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Log in. Jump to Latest Follow. Status Not open for further replies. ed Nov 10, We have other issues but I'm just curious about this. Does watching your woman MB turn you on? Do you not care?

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Would you rather she not do it at all? Even stimulating herself during PIV without a toy? Is it something you've ever asked for or about? We've mutually MB'ed and it's hot - I just don't think he cares about watching me or knowing if I do it alone. I can't ever get a straight answer about much.

Hence the reason for this thread. If love to hear everyone's thoughts! Not just guys, but the gals here too TIA! ed Aug 4, I'd love it I think it's hot. I never caught or got my stbxw to admit to it nor would she touch herself in my presence, but maybe she's just that LD. ed Mar 29, My wife told me she has masterbated, and she has done it in the dark with me, I want the light on, yes its hot! ed Nov 16, I love it.

My SO has done that for me, I've done it for her. She's done it while I'm at my desk with my cell heet plugged in and she was home and horny. Sometimes as we're getting naked, I'll toss a toy on mutual masturbation forum bed and tell her to get started while I make up a reason to be out of the room for a bit. Sometimes we watch porn together as a warmup, and each take care of ourselves for awhile. It's all good. ed Jul 20, Yes it's a turn on. Would be a turn on if she told me she did it while I was at work and couldn't wait for me to get home for another round. Btw, I'll also add that my SO and I have very similar drive levels.

As far as I know, one of us masturbating has never resulted in the other one "going without" because of mutual masturbation forum. If she was rubbing one out and it resulted in once a week duty sex, it would be an entirely different story. ed Sep 12, Thanks everyone. ed Oct 31, Men who just aren't that sexual typically don't care to see what women get up to with MB-ing.

Same for women who just aren't that sexual. ed Jan 2, My wife has never admitted to masturbating. She says she never has. I can think of very few things that would turn me on more than to watch her pleasure herself. But, since she says she never has I can only assume she has a negative view of it, therefore I have no earthly idea how to suggest it as part of our bedroom activities. She says she's never done it, and I completely believe her. ed Aug 20, We partake in mutual MB, watching each other at times, me touching myself while we are having PIV which drives him insane.

We have discussions about MB and no hang ups or issues about it. That was a life time ago, never again will I be with a man that is LD or lacks sexual confidence. Good luck to you. Thanks, Holland.

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I feel like this is a deal breaker for me as well. I can't ever go though this again. I NEED to be wanted! ed Nov 8, My wife has what has been termed "responsive desire" meaning that she rarely thinks about sex until she is into it and then she really wants mutual masturbation forum. This means that she does not masturbate very often at all. I have several home videos of her doing that and I really enjoy watching them. She also uses toys during our lovemaking. I wish she masturbated more often, but she just is not that way. I am just glad that she will go ahead with sex even though she could take it or leave it because she knows that she will want it once we get started.

She heats up rather nicely! Not a guy My husband enjoys watching me do it. And I love doing it for him. I like watching him do it toobut he's a little shy about it and will rarely do it. We occasionally will do mutual. I find it very hottttt! He knows I do it alone too.

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I will tell him I have done it, or send him a pic to let him see what I am doing. I have never had a partner who did not find this a major turn on! I always thought guys doing it was gross. Kinda lecherous.

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But women doing is as hot as the sun. Is that a societal thing? ed Oct 19, It's hot as!! I wish my wife would let me watch her. If nothing else, I'd learn more about how she likes to be touched. Sometimes she touches herself whilst doing PIV mostly when in missionary or deviations thereof, never in doggy for eg. Wish she'd do it in a more "displaying position" if that makes sense. Go for it I say. Show him what you want and how you want it. ed Dec 23, It sounds HOT Wish wife would ;- Posted via Mobile Device.

ed Sep 5, From my experience with past boyfriends and my current husband the discussion.

Mutual masturbation forum

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