Naughty schoolgirl stories

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You must be logged in to post wall comments or like a story. Please or up free. In Up. We currently have stories with more being added every day. So I'm bisexual. I realized I was after I found myself constantly thinking about my friend Sarah. I kept thinking about dating her and having sex with her. She was all I ever thought about. She helped me discover I'm bisexual.

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One day my Junior year of high school, Sarah and I were flirting a lot. We were both wearing pretty short skirts. I could see up it and see she was wearing a really sexy red thong. I did the same so she could see my soaking wet blue thong. She started running her hand up my leg and playing with the strap of my thong.

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So I kept running my hand up her leg, making her squirm and turn red. It was cute and sexy at the same time. I could tell I was getting her horny. She suddenly asked our PreCal teacher to use naughty schoolgirl stories restroom. When she got up to leave, she was swinging her hips more, making sure I was staring at her amazing ass as she walked away. While she was gone, I quickly and stealthy slid off my thong and put it in my backpack. After a few minutes, she came back and sat down.

I saw something red in her purse but she quickly put it back in her backpack. She then moved so I could see up her skirt again. I got a good view of her shaved pussy. I knew she only went to the restroom to "change. You better be careful before someone sticks something in that sexy pussy. She pulled me close and said "That goes for you too, you naughty Asian school girl. We were both upset. She walked me to my naughty schoolgirl stories class. We talked until the bell rang. We gave each other our normal little peck and went to class.

While sitting in class, I couldn't stop thinking about that sexy pussy. I just wanted it so bad. When I was about to say "fuck it" and start fucking myself in class, I got a text from Sarah. She said "I know you want to fuck yourself right now but wait. See you at lunch ;P" I sighed and waited. By the time lunch came, I was horny as fuck. I was searching for Sarah. She came up to me and acted like nothing happened.

She kept winking at me though. I wanted her so fucking bad. Then I grabbed her hand and said i had to pee. We went to the girls locker room by the gym. I looked around and locked the door. She looked at me and said "Now what? We took off each others shirts. I unhooked her bra and got a facefull of her amazing tits. I took one tit in my hand and started sucking on the other one. Sarah started to moan. She unhooked my bra and did the same. Since we both didn't have our thongs on, we slipped out of our skirts. I laid her down on the bench and slowly kissed down her body.

She moaned softly, which was turning my pussy into a fucking waterfall. I finally got to my goal. Her pussy was right in my face. I kissed it softly then slowly slid my tongue into the slit. Oh my god she tasted amazing. I couldn't get enough. I licked her clit for a while before shoving my tongue into her pussy. She just kept moaning my name and wanting more. I stopped and looked at her. She said "Why'd you stop? I have a surprise for you when I'm satisfied. It was amazing.

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Right when I was about to cum, I pulled away. I told her to lay down again and wait. She obeyed and I got my purse. I pulled out my double sided dildo that I found in my backpack the period before. She said " Why did you bring that to school? And 2 because my moms cleaning my room and I don't want her to find it. I slowly slid it into her. She let out a moan as it went in.

I did the same. Soon we were both fucking that dildo, letting our pussy juices mix together. Right we were both cumming, we looked each other in the eye and moaned each others name. We just laid there for a second. Then I had a kinky idea. I slid off the dildo and found my thong.

Then I went into Sarah's backpack and found her thong.

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I slid the dildo out of her and wiped up some of her cum with her thong and did the same with my thong. I handed her my thong and said "Here, so you can feel my cum all day. I cleaned off the dildo and stuck it back in my backpack. We got dressed and walked out the locker room hand in hand. When we got back to our lunch table, we couldn't stop making out with each other. We had many more incidents like this for about a year before she got a boyfriend.

Naughty schoolgirl stories

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