Rape fantasy chat room

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Share your rape fantasies. Yes, it's related to BDSM. See here. BUT avoid triggering people by confining any real rape discussion to the "General Support" forum. Use the "Report To Moderator" button on posts that violate this policy and we will move them. Started by Carlosdevil « 1 2 Started by Jenn08 « 1 2 3 4 ».

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Did you miss your activation ? July 24,AM. In Chat Now:. Clothed rape? Army rape fantasies Started by Klossowski « 1 2 ». Why does nothing gets me off like 'Bad' guys? Who's on your rape list? Putting "strong women" in their place Started by LostCause « 1 2 Movie rape scenes turn me on more than porn Started by SirLost « 1 2 ». Which piece of pop culture is responsible for awakening the most rape fantasies? Your characters' physical appearance in your fantasies Started by SirLost.

Whats your type Started by gag her tight « 1 2 ». Does consensual rough porn turn you off? Olivia Rodrigo Started by Bra Snapper. What kickstarted your fantasies today? Pre-rape ritual? After the Rape Started by Mononymous « 1 2 3 ». The best hardcore rape porn Started by Rage.

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Women raped together Started by christinamt « 1 2 ». SMF 2. July 06,AM by Montano Today at AM by DrahkTales. Today at AM by Kenzie. July 23,PM by zero. July 23,PM by EllenPaige. July 19,AM by HungryFollower. July 18,PM by amandablonde. July 18,PM by Shocker.

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July 18,PM by Kimberly Clark. July 16,AM by Bra Snapper. July 16,AM by Rage. July 15,PM by Tribguy July 12,PM by YoungHunter. July 12,PM by acidredux.

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Rape fantasy chat room

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