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Sadly — an event like this only runs on my steam and the good will of the monthly panelists and a select few behind the scenes who keep the wheels in motion. Without them- PFA would have been a less well- lubed machine. Thank you for the fun, the tears, the perv-fest and the good times in the office J. Your support and generosity is deeply appreciated. And of course PFA sex forums australia not have been anything without the speakers and panelists who generously gave their time and knowledge in the spirit of good will and meaningful adult education.

Without adequate funding- such an event cannot pay ongoing staff or panelists- but the dedication of those who spoke each month highlights just how passionate Melburnians and many Australians are about sex positive adult dialogue. I personally intend to keep running all manner of events in different forms — so please my individual mailing list to stay up to date with my movements — and any events that I am involved with.

I am humbled, flattered inspired and tired. A devotee and teacher of sacred feminine temple arts, Devashi Shakt i has been guiding people in transformational healing for the last 18yrs. She deeply believes in sexual sovereignty for women and men. Her unusual path in life and her desire to set people free from what inhibits their full pleasure, is likely to continue for the rest of her days. Shaney is a Tantra Sexuality Educator. She began her sacred sexuality journey after working for 9 years in the stripping industry and realised how many people were seeking more connection and nourishment within their intimate lives.

Shaney has been working for the Australian school of Tantra for 4 years and has recently begun her own independent work with the launch of her website shaneymarie. Shaney works with people of all genders and sexual preferences, using contemporary Tantra methods to support people in owning their pleasure for self healing and sex forums australia encourage sex positivity.

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Shaneys vision is to encourage people to explore their sexualities through erotic development not just because there is a problem, but because it is exciting, preventative and empowering to feel full of healthy sexual energy. Shaney provides holistic, sensual and supportive experiential teachings to encourage people to feel their divinity for overall wellbeing and spiritual contentment.

Emma is a sexuality and relationships coach and educator. Emma is a strong believer in the extraordinary and transformative effect this work can have in all areas of ones life. Her enthusiasm and passion shine through in her devotion to empower and serve others through these teachings. Deej supports clients to mobilize their capacities for growth, learning and change through embodied counselling, bodywork, meditation, sex coaching, and Tantric Practice.

He holds qualifications in psychology, sociology, counselling, adult education, kahuna bodywork, somatic sex education and professional supervision. Deej supports the development of body-based therapies in Australia through professional trainings for embodied counsellors and somatic sex educators, and professional supervision for therapists who work somatically. Deej welcomes people of all genders, sexualities, and relationship choices to work sex forums australia him. We also think feminist porn is crucial, but what does that mean and how can we be ethical consumers of pornography?

These incredible filmmakers and activists will discuss their experiences as feminists working in porn and what people can do to make more ethical decisions when buying and watching porn. There will also be the opportunity to ask the panel questions. This is something you do not want to miss!

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Buck is an award winning filmmaker and groundbreaking pornographer. He pioneered as the first transsexual man to break into the mainstream adult entertainment industry and has been fearlessly smashing the boundaries there and elsewhere ever since. So folks- as announced last night- the November gathering of PFA will be the last in its current form. We will be saying goodbye to our home at Loop and we will cease to be monthly events. Be sure to get on the newsletter to stay up- to- date with the changes as they develop.

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I Cyndi will be taking some time off to breathe some new life into PFA- so best to stay in touch via newsletters. We want to thank all those who have supported us of the last four years, especially our panelists and attendees. Also our prize sponsors whose prizes you took home each month. Bliss for WomenD. Thank you all. PLEASE take the time to share this status around — and hopefully we will see you at the last formal panel — in our current form — on November 12 this year! Bring on new love for ! We all have identities, some chosen, some implied, some assumed and some explicit.

Each of these may or may not form part of who we are and how we interact with the world. How do we experience sex and dating, eroticism and relationship when we have identities or cultural influences that buck against the norm?

Or how do we manage when our multiple cultural influences are at logger he just within ourselves? The October Panel on Sex, Love and Relating will aim to shed light on what this is like for them and how dialogue, self inquiry and red hot rushes have led them through uncharted waters and onto new ground. Hosted by Cyndi Darnellplease us on Tuesday October 8 th for what promises to be an insightful, poignant and possibly hilarious discussion of the nature of cross cultural intimacy and sex in contemporary Australia.

Asiel is a medical student and a self-proclaimed wanker at The University of Melbourne. He was born in Mexico and will celebrate his 6th year in Australia on 7th October. He lived in Mexico for about 15 years of his life and in the US for about 3, which makes for a rather interesting and sometimes unintelligible accent.

He is currently in a long-distance non-monogamous relationship after deciding gay marriage was too overrated. Born in Pakistan, Rubina has lived 26 years of her life as a second-class citizen. Rebellious by nature, she was called a slut, crazy and many other names you can think of. Inshe broke away from that culture where sexuality is suppressed and expression of affection is limited to a bedroom only. A mechanical engineer with an MBA, she has held many regional positions over the years and is now working as an IT consultant.

She sex forums australia lived in Singapore, Sydney and Melbourne and has created a new life by reinventing herself. She is proud to call her a free sexual woman. Kath Duncan is a Researcher and Sexuality Producer with especial interests in disability, Deaf and non-normative ppls experiences. When: Tuesday October 8th.

Melbourne CBD Time: 7. To see our upcoming panels for the rest of the year. After a sell out event in Melbourne earlier this year and repeated to acclaim in London Cyndi is thrilled to be offering this seminar again in Melbourne. Leave a comment ». This gathering at PFA requires little introduction. Australian Porn is gaining notoriety globally and earning respect from some of the global greats with our Award winning panelsits sharing their passion and knowledge with the PFA audience. Edgy, smart and ethical- sex forums australia panel will be hosted by Cyndi Darnell exploring and celebrating how Australian porn is changing erotic expression in a global community.

Please pleasureforumaustralia gmail. Theaterotica is a new Melbourne-based theatre company with the mission to produce quality theatre that is sex positive, and inclusive. We are seeking erotic monologues, scenes and plays and would like to hear from experienced performers. We sex forums australia looking for a wide range of works covering the full spectrum of sexuality and gender. Writers, please contact Theaterotica hotmail. Deadline 16 September. Performers, please contact Theaterotica hotmail.

Auditions early October. Kink and BDSM have been in high profile in recent years, gaining notoriety for bridging the gap between the erotic components of the psyche and soul and for those yearning to try something that takes the physical to new heights. The prevalence of such practices are gaining ground with accessible supplies in every adult shop in the city, but some people are still wondering what the hell is this about, is it for me and where do I even start?

Sado BJ is well regarded around the BDSM scene as an expert in bondage, flogging and impact play, and as a fetish performance artist. His enthusiasm and determination have culminated in his becoming the co-owner of Eagle Leather, an Australian icon. Mz Mallice Mistressmallice on Fetlife is a diverse producer with a portfolio of a wide range of events, shows, exhibitions and productions. She been producing events in Australia for over 13 years passionately creating the opportunity for local and international performers to do what they do best while incorporating her love for alternative art, photography and fashion.

In addition, she runs a monthly BDSM club called Provocation which provides a space for alternative lifestyle people to explore their kink or socialise in an accepting and fun environment. He is one of only two accredited instructors in the Osada-Ryu shibari systemand travels yearly to Japan to continue his studies. Scott has led workshops in Shibari around Australia and in New Zealand, and has performed in both Australia and Japan.

In he established the Melbourne Rope Dojo where he runs weekly classes in Shibari. RSS - Posts. RSS - Comments. Address:. Blog at WordPress. Pleasure Forum Australia Where people meet to talk about Sex. This event marks the end of an era in many ways — but also the beginning of a new era. The slow goodbye — and the new era dawns Posted in events on October 9, by Pleasure Forum Australia So folks- as announced last night- the November gathering of PFA will be the last in its current form.

October Gathering: Sex, Love and Relating in an Intercultural World Posted in cultureeducationentertainmenteventshealthpoliticsqueerrelationshipsstraight on September 24, by Pleasure Forum Australia We all have identities, some chosen, some implied, some assumed and some explicit. Panelists Asiel is a medical student and a sex forums australia wanker at The University of Melbourne.

Female Arousal Anatomy with Cyndi Darnell After a sell out event in Melbourne earlier this year and repeated to acclaim in London Cyndi is thrilled to be offering this seminar again in Melbourne. Angela White has been performing in pornography for the past decade. She has starred in over pornographic films and has been featured in more than magazines including Penthouse, Hustler and Zoo. InAngela ran as a political candidate for the Australian Sex Party in the Victorian state election, in which she publicly fought for the rights of sex workers.

You can learn more about Angela White by visiting her official website: www. Bourke is the director behind AdultVoyeur. He comes from a mainstream film and tv production background and bought a of professionals across to Adult with him.

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Aussies are well know across the world as sex forums australia, sex positive, fun people, with an eager enjoyment of sex. It is this ideal Adult Voyeur is presenting to the rest to the world. Ms Naughty has been creating and curating porn online since and she has run the porn for women subscription site ForTheGirls. Her latest project is BrightDesire. Since she has blogged about porn, feminism and censorship at MsNaughty.

Prior to her career in porn, she worked as a librarian and freelance journalist. She is married and lives in a small country town surrounded by fundamentalist Christians. Her films look at strong female characters, female gaze, sex, sexuality and domestic craft. Gala Vanting Gala Vanting is an erotic imaginist based in Australia. Erotic filmmaker, professional BDSM practitioner, educator, pleasure activist, and kinky queer feminist, Gala approaches all of her work with a sex-positive perspective and a focus on intimacy, connection, and the democratisation of sexy.

Sex forums australia

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