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Post by Jebus » Sun Jun 26, am. Post by Cirion Spellbinder » Sun Jun 26, am. Post by vegan81vzla » Sun Jun 26, am. Zoophilia, Misanthropy and Carnism Vegan message board for support on vegan related issues and questions. Meat eater vs. Vegan debate welcome, but please keep it within debate topics. Forum rules.

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Post Reply. Bestiality is cross-species sexual activity between human and non-human animals. We all know where this le, for veganism to be viewed as misanthropic in general, to the extreme for the zoophile vegans agree zoophile forum be called misanthropes, a. Arguing for veganism as an animal only issue, animal first, animal rights, is completely detrimental to the movement. But because we already live in a highly zoophilic society. Carnists love their animals. They love them so much that they won't imagine themselves not depending on them.

Most farmers, local ones, would say that they treat their animals as best as they can. And the current vegan mainstream message just reinforce that idea, that people should care for animals more? That is nonsense and a recipe for failure! Being Carnism a zoophile forum term that hasn't been yet accepted as a whole, I like to define it as "The word carnism denotes a philosophy and a way of living which seeks to perpetuate human dependency to animals for food, clothing or any other purpose, and by extension, it denies or overlooks any disadvantage that such dependency creates for human kind, the animal kingdom and the environment, as carnism regards it as normal, natural and necessary" The similarity in which carnism is defined this way, with the vegan definition is not accidental.

As by many, carnism, it is viewed as the actual problem with our society. The problem is not speciesism, zoophile forum humans not caring for animals, but the false believe that we must depend on them in all levels. Current zoophilia within the vegan movement just promotes carnism. So instead of promoting to perpetuate any kind of dependency, the vegan movement should promote full separation from animal affairs.

We have little if anything to take from or give to the animal kingdom. We have to solve our problems aside from the animal logic, which we have kept using thanks to our carnist society. Last edited by vegan81vzla on Fri Jun 24, pm, edited 1 time in total. Re: Zoophilia, Misanthropy and Carnism. That's interesting, but I don't understand why you want to convolute the meanings of so many words Carnism is already well defined and has to do with eating meat.

Does a blind vegan with a guide dog become a carnist under your definition? If so, that's not very sensible. Zoophilia is something sexual. Are you saying vegans are sexually attracted to animals? Jaywalker wrote: Carnism is already well defined and has to do with eating meat.

Jaywalker wrote: Does a blind vegan with a guide dog become a carnist under your definition? Jaywalker wrote: Zoophilia is something sexual. Jaywalker wrote: Farmers say that because that's the way they dealeir cognitive dissonance. You don't go out of your way to kill someone you love. And what about the vast majority of meat eaters who just want to eat meat and don't care about the animal it comes from?

Some of them may claim they care, but saying you care about something and actually caring about it are different things. This is the vegan message in a nutshell: Don't just say you care, act like you care.

I zoophile forum know why I have to explain something I said in the original post. But that's the thing. People shouldn't care for animals. They already do care to the extreme of feeding and over feeding them and protect them from weather and other animals Jaywalker wrote: I didn't say it solely has to do with eating meat. Jaywalker wrote:but it's overwhelmingly used to describe the underlying beliefs of meat eaters. Jaywalker wrote: Taking care of handling something and caring about it are different things The phrase "has to do with" doesn't exclude other things from being associated with it However, it first and foremost has to do with eating meat.

Read the new rules. This is a discussion forum. Please come here willing to discuss. This isn't a place to lecture, and then refuse to address others' rational arguments or even answer others' questions. Discussion is founded upon logic, if you don't accept basic logic as valid, there's really nothing for you to do here except lecture, and this isn't the place for it. Again: This is a discussion forum.

Discussion is also founded upon correct usage of words. The forum language is English, and while it's fine to discuss definitions, assertively twisting words beyond their reasonable definition to troll, like saying "Saliva is an animal product, if you swallow your own saliva you're not vegan!

Zoophilia: A sexual disorder involving an erotic attraction to animals or an abnormal desire to have sexual contact with animals. Zoophilia is one form of paraphilia deviant sexual behavior. Carnism is the invisible belief system, or ideology, that conditions people to eat certain animals. How to become zoophile forum in 4. Watch Forks over Knives Health 2. Watch Cowspiracy Environment 3. Watch Earthlings Ethics Congratulations, unless you are a complete idiot you are now a vegan. Jebus wrote: Is Philosophical vegan Brimstonesalad's alter ego?

When it comes to food, it is gluttony the issue that people have to overcome. We eat and began eating animals out of ignorance. We keep doing it out of gluttony and social conditioning. Sure, the reason why this current society "takes care" of animals is for profit, but most rural farmers don't. So they "take care" of their animals in a very caring fashion just to end up using them the same.

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